Biblically, thanksgiving can be described simply as a recounting of the past act of God. It is simply counting your blessing (Psalms 103:1-2)                                                     By thanksgiving you can experience multiplication; you can perfect and complete your situation. It is an atitude of gratitude to God for what he has done for you. It is the key to acess the promises of God (Hebrew 10:36). It is force that move your heart to celebrate the act of God in your life. Lazarus died and by thanksgiving he came back to life.     One thing you can never do too much is thanksgiving; as it is one thing God requrie from us all the time. Prayers may not be answered but thankgiving never remaind unanswered. You may pray and miss but you can never thank God and miss. When your hand goes up in thanksgiving, your life goes up in multiplication following the direction of your hands when you begin to give thanks, it takes you to the level that heaven begins to stand still for your blessings to reach out to you. Thanksgiving takes you to the realm of all you need is all you get and when you don’t ask before it is manifested. You can never meet a thanks giver the place you left him last because he is a high flyer.

    One thing that God expects us to come back with when we are blessed and saved is thanksgiving. Jesus said “ten leapers was healed, where are the other nine?” Just one person came back for thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving and praise always go together (Psalms 100:4).                     Noting we have is an achivement; rather we received it, just follow this path and see God manifesting in your life.


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